A Guide to Creating a Support Request

We understand that from time to time you may have questions and this is why we have a dedicated support team here to help answer your questions and resolve any issues. 

To ensure we can triage and resolve any issues quickly, below is a guide to help ensure we have all the information we need.

You can submit a support request either by sending an email to support@synchtank.net, or directly on the support desk located here

Please detail the issue you are experiencing, including as much information as possible. The more information we have, the easier it is to understand, triage and resolve the issue. 

Information to include in the support request are (and not limited to the following):

  • Environment (Production or Non-production).
  • URL of the page the issue is related to.
  • If the request relates to user issues, please include the details of the user(s) experiencing the issue.
  • Screenshot or screen recording of the issue.
  • Browser type (Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc).
  • Browser version.
  • Operating system (Windows, macOS, etc).

Please note: To help you keep track of updates to your support requests, we kindly request that you submit only one issue per support request. Should you need assistance with multiple issues, please do not hesitate to submit separate support requests for each one.

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